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Pastor's kids

Started by Elizabeth Travers in How to's. Last reply by Jaliya Slaton Jul 20, 2015. 2 Replies

Mean Friends

Started by Hayley DiMarco in How to's. Last reply by Lucy Carlson Jun 1, 2015. 28 Replies

Witnessing to a Muslim

Started by Elizabeth Travers in How to's. Last reply by Haven May 14, 2015. 1 Reply


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A timely storm

Posted by Jasmine Howard on July 19, 2016 at 7:32pm 1 Comment

I seem to have a fascination with storms.
They terrify and intrigue me by their magnitude of power and beauty. It wasn't until recently that I've marveled at the impact the very nature of storms have had in my life. It would almost seem that they're apart of me too. In times of reflection, realization, and self discovery, there's always a storm, for say the clouds shade me off from the world to bear me naked of a past self, the thunder and lightning tear through the seams of a cemented past and the rain peels it off and leave..... I am renewed.

I wonder what this storm will leave behind in its wake?

A discourse of action (my inner fears as a person of color)

Posted by Jasmine Howard on July 9, 2016 at 4:16pm 0 Comments

I am an African American, young, female, scholar, teacher and artist of many mediums, that alone with traits of many others have left my fate sealed and to be made to be met by intentional hatred and weapons without yield. Cursed by my eternal brown lattice of what's made my racial profile, that makes me not an individual but one whole that stretches in parts for miles.

Its the emphasis of revolutionary ideas that sing of what I should not know, a difference between dying to live and living to die, unspoken death and the poisoned american dream within the apple pie. All this for the sake of a wordless sin, the melanin beneath the fabric shell of my skin.

I know the grand puppeteer, with his strings strung around the neck of his infamous show man, parading him with rope, guns, chains and whips in hand, cameras marked at the ready for a show stopping performance given by the lord and king of the night shaded thespians.

I AM AWARE of you oppressor! And… Continue

Knight in shining camouflage (I'm a bit blue so pardon me)

Posted by Jasmine Howard on June 27, 2016 at 4:45pm 0 Comments

Maybe I should be more stand offish to eliminate being so easy a target for the wolves of this world that feed on all the components of what makes humans...humans...by which I mean, having wants, needs and desires as well as having preferences based on those very things. Would it be best if I were to harden my heart?...only for protection of course, I would not become cruel or commit ill will for the sake of it..it is against my own personal moral standing (pfft) not that i have many of those that have survived from my ever lasting fall from grace. 

Like most young women, I desire the eyes of love..real love, not the ones you hear in fairy tales, but the kind that inspires them to be written. I am young, there is always time, but who 's to say when that time will run out. I have confused my nature of accepting reality…


Day and Light (poetry in thoughts)

Posted by Jasmine Howard on June 25, 2016 at 12:30pm 1 Comment

I somehow knew all along that when it was time for me to "grow up", what it would feel like for me

It felt like dividing two people and placing them in two rooms. Of course there was one I preferred spending time with  more than the world.

We would have tea, paint large pictures on the walls, read each other stories, make crafts, lye down in over large pillows and gossip about people that only existed in the framework of our minds, decorate whatever we could, we would sing and dance with sunbeams and write beautiful poetry together, but I can not stay forever, she is my own allusion of peace and joy, the remains of my…


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