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Welcome to iFuse

Welcome to iFuse.com, your home away from home for young adults looking to learn more about their faith. Whether you go to a youth group, college group, young adult group, or none of the above, let iFuse.com be your online version on a global scale. 

Whether you're a fan of his Hungry Planet books or just need a place where someone will listen to your questions about faith, consider friending iFuse.com's resident Online Pastor to Young Adults, Michael DiMarco

Use iFuse to ask questions or just share about what you're living through and what God is doing in your life.

So sign up, maybe even start a group for your crew, and spread the word to anyone that shares Hungry Planet's passion for feeding the world's appetite for truth.

P.S. - For all the ladies, visit the brand new godgirl.com for deepening your spiritual journey and mentoring from the one-and-only Hayley DiMarco! 

Are you dead yet?

Check out the trailer for bestselling authors Michael and Hayley DiMarco's new book, Die Young.

Michael's Blog

My Dad is Dead


This is from my book God Guy. Girls might get something out of it too. :)


My dad is dead. He died the year before I met my wife, Hayley, so they never met and she and my daughter will never know him except…

Jesus in every book of the Bible

Did you know the Bible is the story of Jesus? Not just in the New Testament either. An eleven year old gives evidence that he can find Jesus in every book of the…

Hayley's Blog

Confessions of a Bad Apologizer


An apology is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s given to me. But ask me to apologize and I’m just sorry you’re such a sensitive person that what happened hurt you. And I’m sorry you think I did something wrong. My apology is all about you, not about me, because frankly, I…

Blog Posts

Brain Teaser

Posted by Haven Van Brunt on January 27, 2015 at 12:30pm 0 Comments

I want to do a little brain teaser... not a really hard one... just something to make you think a little and give you a good laugh.

I own four cats, Marshmallow, Autumn, Sheba, and Mr. Whiskers. These cats sometimes get together for 'meetings'. On January 2nd, Mr. Whiskers, the youngest cat at almost 9 months, got into my dad's cereal and managed to knock half of it to the floor where he and Marshmallow were able to eat it. On January 26th, when my dad and mom were sharing a piece of apple pie my mom stopped guarding the last piece of pie from the cats to get something. When she returns Mr. Whiskers is helping himself to the piece of pie (which also has whipped cream on it). Mom puts him into the laundry/cat room for punishment. When she comes back, Marshmallow, oldest cat at 5 years old, is…


Bible Small Group- Message One

Posted by Haven Van Brunt on January 27, 2015 at 11:30am 0 Comments

So I started a small Bible Small Group with my friend Jenna on godgirl.us. This is the first message we've done so far:

Hey ladies! The first subject will be on self esteem. I know almost everyone struggles with this, but I want to let you all know something. God made you, and you are a beautiful work of art! Let's say you don't like your hair one day. (Everyone has those bad hair days) If you say, "I hate my hair so much," that is insulting the man who created you. He is probably up in Heaven saying, "Oh, I like your hair today. I think it looks really nice." It's not bad to think that your ugly, because I (Jenna) think that every day. There are so many beautiful girls in my class, and some days I just wish I could look like…



Posted by Haven Van Brunt on January 15, 2015 at 9:40am 0 Comments

From Kindergarten through 3rd grade, I attended a school called Wyomina Elementary. Then, in 4th and 5th grade, I changed to South Ocala Elementary. I remember that, in 3rd grade, there was a girl in my class called Rebecca, and she was bullied by the other kids.

The other kids said she picked her nose and put bugers on the table, said she was ugly, and treated her like an outcast. I used to make fun of her too, but just one day we were on the playground and I looked at her, dirty blond, curly hair and green eyes and thought; What were they talking about? She's not ugly and I've never, ever, seen her pick her nose or even act like she was.

So, one day I sat down across from her at lunch. At…


Devotions for the God Girl- confession

Posted by Haven Van Brunt on January 15, 2015 at 9:39am 0 Comments

If you notice, in Genesis 3, the first sin is committed by Adam and Eve. But they didn't admit it right away. Adam, even though he listened to Eve and eaten the forbidden fruit, blamed his sin on Eve. And Eve, though she had listened to the snake and eaten the forbidden fruit, blamed her sin on the snake.

It says in the devotional that: "When you believe that your messed-up life is because of something beyond your control, you give away the power over your own life that you so desperately want. As long as you are busy blaming someone else for your life, you'll never be free."

Whenever we get in trouble, we tend to look for who caused the mess we are in. Let me paint a picture:…


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