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A Poem..

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No Alcohol?

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Welcome to iFuse

Welcome to iFuse.com, your home away from home for young adults looking to learn more about their faith. Whether you go to a youth group, college group, young adult group, or none of the above, let iFuse.com be your online version on a global scale. 

Whether you're a fan of his Hungry Planet books or just need a place where someone will listen to your questions about faith, consider friending iFuse.com's resident Online Pastor to Young Adults, Michael DiMarco

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Michael's Blog

My Dad is Dead


This is from my book God Guy. Girls might get something out of it too. :)


My dad is dead. He died the year before I met my wife, Hayley, so they never met and she and my daughter will never know him except…

Jesus in every book of the Bible

Did you know the Bible is the story of Jesus? Not just in the New Testament either. An eleven year old gives evidence that he can find Jesus in every book of the…

Hayley's Blog

Confessions of a Bad Apologizer


An apology is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s given to me. But ask me to apologize and I’m just sorry you’re such a sensitive person that what happened hurt you. And I’m sorry you think I did something wrong. My apology is all about you, not about me, because frankly, I…

Blog Posts

12 plus years in only a matter of months

Posted by Jasmine Howard on April 20, 2015 at 11:16am 1 Comment

I'm baaaaaccckk!, I have  not blogged in quite some time my dears, but today I am here to share my latest adventures in my life and what has been going on. It's come to my attention now more so than ever, that it is not time or years that age us, it is the experiences we endure during the years we are blessed to see. These past few months have been life changing in a multitude of ways. My dear lorax....is no longer my own anymore, it was tough at first, but with the support and love of my best friend Charlie, I made it through the storm :). A lot happened during this major change of things...I have lost many people of whom I once called friends and I discovered that they were not friends at all. I suffered much and learned much as well. By the time I am of a rich age in numbers i will have been mentally nurtured twice that number if life continues to go for me as it…


What a new-do can really do :)

Posted by Jasmine Howard on March 22, 2015 at 4:03pm 1 Comment

My hair is cropped into a pixie cut, and is red with dark roots. I hadn't had much done to it since my last trip to the salon for the second time in my life in January. I'd been praying for a hair style as hard as i have a decent job these days. Thank God for older siblings :), my sister called me Friday night, asking me if I wouldn't mind watching my niece and nephew for the weekend. Allow me to illustrate how strange blessings work and how wonderful they can be. So the night I packed for my sister's house, she picked me up and watched the kids while she went out to pick up things. The following morning i woke up to her working out in the make shift gym she made out of my nephews room to be. We talked about our daily work out routines and goals like two fitness junkies we are and then the subject of hair came about....i am not always the most direct of people, mostly because i dislike being…


Songs of my past

Posted by Jasmine Howard on March 13, 2015 at 1:02am 1 Comment

Songs hold memories my dear bloggers and bloggets, of people, of things, of places or even of smells, tastes and feels....that's why these things are so important in our lives. We never know when or what will cause us to relive an experience......for me, smelling honey suckle takes me back to when I ventured down the old dirt path leading to my grandparents house in the morning to my bus stop heading to school and smelling a sweetness in the damp breeze from hidden flowers in the canopy overhead dripping in mildew.....the famous symphony "moonlight sonata".......a famous pop song "simple and clean. " , a beautiful gospel "only if God says yes", a old Classic "more than a feeling".....these songs carry moments in my life that I can picture over and over again like an old black and white film.....some wonderful, some happy, some very sad and painful... But it is a memory non the less...and memories were made to cherish what once was and may not ever be again.... Or at least I find… Continue

James Patterson, Danielle Steele, Starbucks, sunshine and almost everything I love

Posted by Jasmine Howard on March 12, 2015 at 8:47pm 1 Comment

As spring break for me is coming to a close, I'm taking some time to wind down. I walked around my little plaza, no more than a few miles from my house yesterday. Theres one of Tallahassees many fine libraries there, a nail shop, tax collector, YMCA, chinese restaraunt, karate building, and Starbucks. Outside the plaza (still in walking range) there's a Walgreen's, CVS, mcdonalds, subway, dollar store, dry cleaners, winndixie, tropical smoothie, and the Tallahassee mall!!! I adore this location....but I digress, didn't need to bore you with the primitive beauties of my whereabouts. I read and paroused through an exstinsive collection of books based on everything I am interested in, I checked out a book by James Patterson entitled "Suzanne"s Diary to Nicholas" it's a beautiful read (no spoilers), also Daniele Steele's "amazing grace" along with a few manga for light read., I stopped by Starbucks for a much needed refresher, I painted, bought some new makeup for the summer, and just… Continue

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